Cynical realism

Sunday morning. Relax and enjoy.

Apparently the Massachusetts GOP is doing such a good job of winning elections that they’ve decided they can get by with less voters.

Following up on the Carville Democratic Party ‘wokeness’ problem issue, Russ Douthat writes that it’s not just faculty lounge language that could come back to haunt the party. The “Democrats’ problem won’t be the off-putting rhetoric of police abolition; it will be the reality of a rising body count as liberal politicians struggle to negotiate between activists, protesters, progressive prosecutors and cops.”

Post-war Britain and Ireland feature in these compelling photos from the Martin Parr collection.

CRISPR was a revolutionary step in bio engineering but a new technique called RLR, developed at Harvard, may have even more impact.

One ransomeware gang is changing its tactics. No more encryption, just data held for hostage. Another group is hiring. Business must be good.

And, what doesn’t kill you makes you… nicer? If only.

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