Cue the tanks

Wednesday. The word of the day is slapdash.

London, like Boston, needs a new police commissioner. Let’s see who gets theirs first.

Today was supposed to be the day that Russia invades Ukraine. But it probably wouldn’t be a great tactical move to invade on the day that it was announced that you would invade. But then again, maybe that’s what they want you to think. In any case, things are still tense.

Sean Murphy writes about how he cut the cord. Sort of. Actually, not really much at all. He replaced his router but still pays Comcast for TV service and aspires to someday replace his set-top boxes with a Roku? He walked out to the edge but at the last minute returned back to the safety and comfort of cable. Apparently this is scary for people.

I’ve seen the stats but it’s still bewildering to me as to why Covid would lead to such a dramatic increase in traffic accidents. The correlation is clear but I’m still scratching my head over causation.

And it starts at Jamba with smoothies. Next thing you know robots will be making cappuccinos at Starbucks. Maybe then, at least, they’ll be consistent.

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