Creative destruction

Friday. The 13th.

It appears that Boris Johnson has his Brexit mandate. But Scottish independence is in the mix again after the Scottish Nationalists’ strong showing.

Flower Market demolition begins this week. Across town, the Hurley Building is also being targeted for development. Lovers of Brutalist architecture are speaking out, hoping to protect it from the wrecking ball. As a fan of Brutalism, myself, this one is not worth saving.

Bill Weld was snubbed by MassGOP. Bill Galvin comes to the rescue.

Brian Chen reviews AirPod Pro headphones. Overall he liked the convenience, sound and software, but worried about battery replacement. And he found that they didn’t dampen engine noise on a plane as well as Bose headphones. I had that same issue and picked up some of these, which helped.

And Netflix is greasing the skids with reviewers.

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