Conflict and conquest

Super Sunday.

In Italy people are getting tired of social media—but older folks are loving their Netflix.

Thirty years of instability in the Ukraine has led us to where we are today. The Finnish President has been running interference between Europe and Russia but he’s not optimistic about avoiding a confrontation. Apparently the invasion is scheduled for Wednesday. I assume D.C. area Domino’s are busy.

Rand Paul used to be against disruptive protests. Not so much anymore.

When I think of low-alcohol beer, I think Bud Light or Ultra. They’re not the best tasting but at 4.2% alcohol content they won’t knock you out like a high powered IPA and you can have more than one. Now, tastier low-alcohol brews are arriving on the scene. Some are as low as 2% so you can have even one more.

And what’s the big secret for making money with crypto? Hint: It’s not a secret.

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