Competing visions

Thursday. The end of an era.

Another Kennedy comes out against paroling Sirhan Sirhan for the murder of RFK. This time it’s his widow, Ethel, who wrote, simply “He should not be paroled.”

On the mayoral front, Joan Vennochi writes about Michelle Wu’s progressive record and the ‘the Linehan sin.’ And Adam Gaffin recounts the debate.

This is not good.

Joe Curtatone, finishing up his last term as Somerville Mayor, has been a fixture in local politics for almost two decades. He was in the mix for a run for governor in 2022. But it looks like he’s going to sit this one out. He’s announced that instead, he’s taking a job with an environmental group, extending the work he’s done fighting climate change as mayor. But he’s not ruling out a run later on.

And, there’s a talking duck in Australia. Big deal. We had Hoover the talking seal in Boston years ago.

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