Coming to grips

Thursday. This might be the day that it all sinks in.

It’s the birthday of the World Wide Web running on the Information Superhighway. Happy 31st.

Umair Irfan provides a primer on viruses and why it’s so hard to come up with a quick cure. Also, Harvard epidemiologist Marc Lipsitch provides a high level accounting of where we are and where we may be going. “Bottom line, it’s going to get worse,” said Anthony Fauci, a member of the president’s coronavirus task force, testifying on Capitol Hill this week.

Not many people have been flying and now we are restricting travel to and from Europe. Airlines are getting killed. Will there be a federal bailout? Too early to say. Traffic on the roads around Boston has been light this week. Many companies are promoting telecommuting but Slack, a widely used tool for remote work, is straining under load. Even White House staff are being encouraged to go virtual, presumably not on Slack.

Boston Magazine is at it again. Forget social distancing. They want to get people together to party!

I”m a sucker for good cheap (and not so cheap) ear buds. I have way too many already but I’ll still probably be tempted by these Wirecutter recommendations.

And if the late night hosts‘ jokes seem to be falling flat next week its because there’s no one in the audience to laugh at them.

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