Coming full circle

A sunny, crisp Monday morning.

Keep an eye out for Teslas driving erratically this week. (And don’t get behind a Mini.)

With crime on the rise, German Lopez wrote an article in Vox on policing in the defund-the-police era. Basically, he suggests that law enforcement find out what approaches work and do more of that. In other words, go back to doing what you were doing.

This is a crazy story. A new media firm courting investment from Goldman Sachs set up a conference call with a YouTube executive. Things did not go as planned.

The Apple watch app that used to tell you to breath (I already was) has been replaced by one focused on mindfulness. But it turns out that mindlessness might actually be better for you. If it all this seems too complicated and stressful, you can just go back to breathing. If you have the time.

And according to the Washington Post, “The United States now has more legal cannabis workers than dentists, paramedics or electrical engineers.” High times.

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