Collecting signatures

Wednesday. It’s hump day, in more ways than one.

If you need to get out of the house, here’s a list of walking and hiking trails by another writer who apparently has never been south of the Neponset River.

It’s a tough time to be campaigning. And an even tougher time to be collecting signatures.

Getting the state budget going usually requires getting all the right people into the room. But when the room is virtual, and the underlying technology is unreliable, the process takes a little longer.

The New York transit system is huge but 44 deaths from coronavirus is still a big number.

As social distancing takes hold in India many tech companies that rely on the workforce there may feel repercussions. For the time being, they’re still getting the job done.

And for things to get back to normal, widespread rapid testing will be needed. There’s a proof of concept already underway, at the White House, of all places.

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