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Happy Monday. And happy Labor Day.

Joe Dunford is back home on the South Shore. The Globe drops in.

The president’s statements about soldiers who died in past wars was big news. But the really interesting thing to me was how it played out at Fox. Cognitive dissonance. Heads spinning. But in the end, good journalism won out over politics. But politics didn’t go down without a fight.

This is one of the guys that lost his boat in the Trump flotilla on Lake Travis. It was a MAGA overload, he explains. No lifejacket and, of course, no mask. He wanted to go down with his ship but there he is on dry land, coughing away. You kind of want to feel sorry for him but… it’s hard. John Paul Jones, he’s not.

Live Boston brings us up to speed on a bloody Saturday night in in the city. (via UH.)

And it seems that Amazon has a fake review problem. I use the reviews a lot and I can usually spot the fakes. They’re always positive but sometimes they will have some small negative point to make them seem legit. Here are some other tips for spotting fakes from Lifehacker.

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