Cognitive dissonance on crime

Wednesday. The top o’ the week.

Paul Krugman wonders where all the grownups have gone.

The Globe is reporting that Boston is bucking the trend in rising crime. For more than two years the paper has been painting the Boston Police department with one brush, ignoring the hard work and innovation going on. Even the new mayor seems to be keeping the department at arms length, unsure of how to embrace the good work that’s happening there. It’s not a healthy situation.

Marc Hurwitz reports that Guy Fieri is opening a restaurant tomorrow. Can’t wait to hear how good the food is.

Dianne Wilkerson is signaling that she may run again for state senate. Really? She should let someone younger—and untainted by the past—have a shot.

And poor Roger Ebert. Even in death he’s being second guessed. Screen Rant looks at the bad movies he liked and Far Out Magazine brings up the good ones he hated. Just can’t win.

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