Coffee run

Good morning. It’s Tuesday. And it’s Herbert Hoover‘s birthday.

$15 dollars an hour is now the norm, rather than the exception, for supermarket and restaurant workers. That’s better, but it’s still not quite a living wage.

The downtown Starbucks triangle (63 Court, 240 Wash, and 27 School Street) is losing one of its corners, diluting its nearly Dunkins’ density. The Globe reports that the School Street location is closing permanently. That’s too bad. Now we’ll have to walk an extra half block.

Joel Frohlich explains why it’s probably a bad idea to stick your hand, or your head, into a particle accelerator.

The Washington Post looks at efforts to rescind the Massachusetts ban on happy hour. It’s all about the numbers. Of dead people.

And beer in a paper bottle. Welcome to the future.

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