Closed until further notice

Friday morning. A little rain in the forecast.

Can retirement help prevent aging? Maybe, but only if you go back to work.

Yesterday was a big day for cancellations. We went to a still-running small production of Midsummer Night’s Dream last night in New York and most seats were empty, which was a good thing. Broadway is shutting down. The NYSE is talking about doing the same. Sports events are kaput. This morning we’ll know more about the Boston Marathon. Smart money is on a postponement. In any case it’s notable that it’s the private sector, as well as local and state government officials, that are leading the way.

That was some speech the other night. There’s a lot of ‘I told you so‘ opinion pieces about Trump today, many of which are resonating. But at least this morning stocks are heading up on news that somebody at the federal level (Congress) is putting together a plan.

Adding insult to injury, Princess Cruises has been hit with a data breach.

The new James Bond film has been moved back to the fall because of coronavirus. In the meantime, you might be able to buy a version of his bulletproof phone.

And if you happen to stop by Latte Larry’s do not use the men’s room. Go next door to Mocha Joe’s.

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