Climbing and descending

Thursday, Christmas Eve eve.

A big new development is being proposed along the water in Dorchester. Dorchester Bay City. Looks great on paper. They use the slogan “from the T to the sea,” probably because nothing rhymes with Kosciuszko Circle.

As Adam Gaffin points out, new case numbers are rising ominously fast in Massachusetts. But in South Africa, where cases are closely tracked and where the Omicron outbreak preceded ours by several weeks, cases are going down. “If previous variants caused waves shaped like Kilimanjaro, omicron’s is more like we were scaling the North Face of Everest,” South African infectious disease specialist Salim Abdool Karim told the Washington Post. “Now we’re going down, right back down, the South Face,” he said. Fingers crossed it will work out that way for us.

Biden says he will run again. If… he is in good health. Sounds like a hedge to me.

Commonwealth Magazine’s Michael Jonas picked up on Mayor Wu’s regional approach to ramping up covid restrictions. It’s a smart move. Who knows, maybe she can persuade Quincy to let her build that bridge.

And it wouldn’t be a Covid Christmas without people on Amazon complaining about candles that don’t smell.

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