City life

Monday morning. Today is Edward Winslow‘s birthday.

Boston Police and EMS vehicles have been spotted in Alberta, Canada. Slightly out of their jurisdiction.

Politicians are adept at using soothing aspirational language when confronted with urgent and difficult problems. They say they will provide leadership, accountability, partnerships, etc. without getting into the gritty details of what actually needs to be done. In the case of Mass and Cass, according to Shirley Leung, they need to be more specific and tell people what they don’t want to hear. “Maybe what’s lacking most is the political courage on the part of our leaders to tell people they cannot openly shoot up drugs and occupy streets. Harsh as it may sound to some, living in a tent should no longer be considered an option.”

Rolling Stone magazine has a new editor. He wants to return it to being a “piece of hot shrapnel from the cultural explosion.”

MIT’s Avi Loeb has moved on from writing about alien spaceships to writing about our universe being created in a laboratory. Sounds a little ‘out there’ but he does make some rational arguments.

And be careful if you’re flying with an old film camera. People who see it will say something.

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