Buying some time

What is today? Thursday, I think.

The Baltimore Museum of Art is presenting an exhibition that was curated by the guards. This is cool in so many ways.

Between traffic and flooding, Morrissey Boulevard gets worse every year. And it all culminates at Kosciuszko Circle, the roundabout from hell. City planners are going to spend a half million dollars on a study for how to fix it. In other words, nothing is going to happen for a while.

Eswar Prasad writes about the end of cash and how the US is lagging behind other countries in the move towards digital currency.

The rise and fall of the IBM personal computer. Ancient history that took place not so long ago.

And Aston Martin‘s new configurator is getting good reviews. If you’re in the market for one, you can get just the car you want. If you’re not, you can still have some fun imagining what it would be.

The privilege of incumbency

A cool, cloudy early July Saturday. Today’s word is inimical.

Is it hurricane season already? Apparently it is. Say hello to Elsa.

Acting Mayor and candidate Kim Janey is taking full advantage of the position she was put into. At least one of the other candidate isn’t very happy with that.

There’s been another supply-chain ransomware attack. This one targeted Kaseya’s VSA. Seems to be pretty widespread. Meanwhile, the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency has released a new ransomware assessment module for its Cyber Security Assessment Tool. Or, in federal speak, CISA has released RRA to supplement CSET to help organizations protect IT, OT, or ICS assets. I can’t imagine why people find this stuff confusing.

Shakespeare in the Park (Central) is coming back. But one of my favorite parts of the experience, getting a coffee and waiting in on line for tickets on the morning of the show, has been scrapped. That’s too bad.

And after 20 years, the US military is finally out of Afghanistan. We left a lot of stuff behind, including a bunch of abandoned Pokemon GO characters, now left to wander aimlessly around the Bagram Air Base.

Supply chain

It’s Wednesday!

We’re all languishing over recycled news.

First oil, now beef. They really know how to get us. Next thing you know they’ll hack baseball and apple pie.

I’ve never heard the legendary Nautilus speaker and at my age, with deteriorating hearing, they would be wasted on me. But they are an impressive work of engineering and design

Each spring we worry about the coming hot summer and it never turns out to be as bad as we feared. This year feels like it might be different.

And the Times starts our day out with a little percussion. Bang on the drum.

A shot in the arm

Tuesday, February 2nd. Ground Hog Day.

Wooden windows. Who woulda thought.

We’re still running behind on vaccinations. So far, 26 Million people in the US have received one. New centers are opening every day so the numbers should start to pick up. It looks like the Russian vaccine is pretty effective. But there are early warning signs that mutations of the coronavirus might make all the vaccines less effective.

It was a day in the White House like no other. Jonathan Swan recounts a meeting that went off the rails. Who is this Herschmann guy? Sounds like quite a character.

It looks like the Apple car is a real thing. But we won’t see it until at least 2025.

And a poll of students in Massachusetts reveals that most of them want to go to school especially when they can’t. Makes sense to me.