Daytime long exposure

I’ve been experimenting with DLE photography. I ordered some ICE neutral density filters and downloaded the NDTimer app to help with the math. Here are a couple of experimental shots from this afternoon.

15 second exposure.
15 minute exposure

The first is a 15 second exposure with a 10X ND filter. The second is a 15 minute exposure, using a combination of 10X and 6X ND filters.

The effects from the longer exposures are apparent but it’s a matter of taste whether they’re desirable in a photo. The light diffusion is nice. But LDE photos can be a bit gimmicky sometimes. In this case I like the dramatic clouds in the shorter exposure but the glassy water effect in the longer exposure jumps out. Very situational. But, it’s another tool in the box so I’ll continue to experiment and hopefully learn more about it.

Cropped Tops

While looking at the Globe online this morning I noticed the unusual composition of this photo.

I can see the top of someone’s head at the bottom of the image. Maybe that person wasn’t relevant to the story and they were cropped out, resulting in the weird unbalanced framing.

But no. Below is the full image from the story. And it’s a great shot, by Jen Murphy, of the whole team! So if a horizontal crop was needed, why not something like the one outlined in yellow? It would have been perfect.

The decision to crop out the bottom two thirds of the photo doesn’t make sense. Maybe it has something to do with the CMS or deadlines, but it just seems odd to me. Are photo editors still a thing or is it all automated now?

Oh, and here’s another strange one in the Globe today…

iPhone photography

It’s astonishing how good the cameras on phones are these days. Although I dread the inevitable dominance of computational photography, you have to admit that it can produce nice images.

Salt Marsh, eastern Connecticut

I took this photo with an iPhone 11 pro near Groton, Connecticut, from the window of a fast moving Amtrak train. The train windows added a bit of light distortion to the sky but overall this is a pleasing result, considering the circumstances.