Winter walk

I trekked out through the Daniel Webster wildlife sanctuary yesterday afternoon. It’s a great spot, both for a walk and for photography.

The afternoon started out cloudy but the clouds thinned just before the end of the day and the light changed for the better. I set up a shot at my favorite two trees and a walker came through just in time to get into one of the photos – and that was the one I liked best.

This is just a first pass on processing. These versions are a little crunchy but eventually I’ll take some time to get the tones right. They were taken with my beat-up old Leica SL. For the twin trees I used a Voigtländer 15mm f/4.5 and my new Peak Design tripod. For the other two I used the Leica 24-90 f/2.8 at 24mm handheld. The shot at the top is a stitched panorama.

Damon’s Point and Humarock

A few shots from today. I went out to Damon’s Point late in the afternoon to see the seals. They were there, sunning themselves on a floating dock in the North River, but they were out pretty far. Too far for a good shot. So I aimed the camera towards Fourth Cliff. I used the big zoom on a Leica SL. Should have used a tripod but I was lazy. Earlier in the day I took a walk in Humarock and shot a cottage on Atlantic Drive. I can’t believe how these things stay up in a storm. The last photo is of beach rocks that have washed up onto the road and pushed up on the island. For these two I used the Leica M10-P with a Voigtlander 40mm f1.2.

iPhone photography

It’s astonishing how good the cameras on phones are these days. Although I dread the inevitable dominance of computational photography, you have to admit that it can produce nice images.

Salt Marsh, eastern Connecticut

I took this photo with an iPhone 11 pro near Groton, Connecticut, from the window of a fast moving Amtrak train. The train windows added a bit of light distortion to the sky but overall this is a pleasing result, considering the circumstances.