The bottom line

Friday. Enjoy the long holiday weekend.

Representatives Matt Gaetz, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Andy Biggs, and Burgess Owens have invited Britney Spears to appear before congress to testify about her personal struggles. Your tax dollars at work, right there.

Andrew Ryan reports on some late tax payments by mayoral candidate Annissa Essaibi George. Is it a problem? For some people it makes her seem human, with struggles like their own. But others think we should expect more from someone who wants to run the city. Larry Dicara, who knows something about how the city operates, says this about the coming election: “There is much at stake in the city. We have had decades of financial stability. Our bond rating is AAA. Every budget has been balanced for 30+ years,” continuing, “It is important that those of us who are citizens of the city ask difficult questions of the candidates so that we know where they stand on important issues.”

Susan McKay has been observing Northern Ireland for many years. She thinks it’s slowly but surely coming to an end.

January 6 was probably the most well documented pivotal event in political history. The Times pulled much of the video (and there was a lot of video) together for a 40 minute film that everyone should watch. But people who don’t read newspapers probably won’t see it. They should put it on Netflix.

And Donald Rumsfeld is dead. He was a weird, smart guy. Then again, so was Doctor Strangelove.

Vox populi

Thursday, July 1st. It must be summer.

The City Council finally passed the budgetyesterday afternoon. It takes effect today. That was close. Lydia Edwards had the best line going into the process. “I think this budget will pass—like a kidney stone.”

Joan Vennochi looked a little deeper at that Globe/Suffolk poll. The Globe has been pillorying the police department and Marty Walsh but voters still like Walsh and approve of the job police are doing. That’s not to say that there wasn’t a mishandling of the commissioner transition or that there weren’t serious incidents of corruption in the department over the last decade. But as voters seem to understand, it’s a matter of proportion. Of all the issues on voters minds, the poll shows that police reform is at the very bottom. As Vennochi puts it, “These poll results […] may also say something about the media not seeing the political forest for the scandalous trees.”

After an international manhunt they finally nabbed the Tour de France sign holder. They should give her a very stern talking to.

There were some crazy clouds last evening as the heat wave broke. Of course John Tlumacki captured an amazing image. Speaking of Tlumacki and heat waves, check this great image from 1985 with a recounting of how he caught it.

And Fortune favors the online fortune tellers. I have to assume that they saw this coming.

Survey SAYS

Happy Wednesday. A birthday for Mike Tyson and Dave Van Ronk.

It’s hot. It’s too hot. Another record breaking day. There may be some big thunderstorms this afternoon as well.

A majority of likely voters of all races think the police in Boston are doing a good job. The Globe and Suffolk University commissioned the survey. Faced with the results, the Globe questioned the methodology of its own poll and downplayed the implications. Sounds like some serious cognitive dissonance going on there.

There’s a narrative going around that resturants can’t get help because government stimulus checks are disincentivizing workers, not because employers were offering too little in wages. Missouri decided to remove the disincentive to see if that would bring workers back. So far it hasn’t.

In this recorded call, JFK was a little angry with the General. Send that furniture back to Jordan Marsh!

And since Trump left office, web traffic and general viewership is down for both right and left leaning media. Twitter is probably having a slump as well. It’s bad news for media bean counters but I’ll take the peace and quiet any day. Totally worth it.

Too hot to handle

Tuesday. A chance to restart the week.

The NWS is forecasting a ‘Max Apparent Temperature’ of 101 on the south shore today. That’s hot. You can always use a bucket of cold water to cool off.

ArtNews reported that a Picasso, stolen almost a decade ago in Athens, might still be in the country. It was cut out of its frame in a heist at the National Art Gallery. Sources said the painting went on the black market but it was too high profile for underworld buyers. Then, yesterday, police recovered it from a crypt in a Greek town. Good ending. Makes you wonder if those Gardner paintings will ever turn up.

The 41 year-old owner of a billion dollars worth of bitcoin drowned in Costa Rica. If he has a will – and has provided a password to his wallet – someone will get the coin. If not, it just ceases to exist, except in the ledger.

The New York Times features the recipe for Jordan Marsh blueberry muffins. Just looking at the photo brings back memories of how good they tasted.

And Facebook is worth a trillion dollars after this Supreme Court decision. What is it again that they sell? Oh, that’s right.

Amature hour

A beautiful sunny Monday. And a quiet news day.

Subscribe to a car? Welcome to transportation as a service.

Wall Street Journal reporter Mike Bender’s new book details a blow up between Trump and General Milley. The more we learn the scarier our recent history was.

The story of Sriracha sauce. Interesting and inspiring. I always have a bottle of in the kitchen.

Now it’s Republicans who are defunding the police -and just to get back at Democrats.

And yes, they’re baack. Close the beaches. Cancel Fourth of July festivities. We’ll also need to get a bigger boat.