Can’t get there from here

Good mid-week Wednesday. It’s World Photography Day. Get out and shoot.

Rhode Island. Where politics meets with calamari.

Transit experts weigh in on how to leverage changes brought by the coronavirus into sustained solutions by rethinking how we get around.

Cycling is resurgent in many cities, especially New York. And, according to the Times, so are bike thefts. “Leave a bike locked on the street and you might as well consider it a charitable donation — thefts of bikes worth $1,000 or more were up 65 percent in June, and 64 percent in the first two weeks of July, from the same time periods in 2019.” Many apartment buildings and co-ops are setting up bike rooms for secure storage.

Speaking of storing valuable things, important data should not be stored in only one place. That’s the beauty of digital assets. Have as many copies as you like and spread them around. It’s especially true for photographs. This Canon cloud data loss is a good reason to take this advice seriously.

And if this post-coronavirus airline seat design is going to be the new normal, I’ll be pining for the the horrible seats we have now. My back hurts just looking at the new ones.

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