Can you hear me now?

Election day. God help us.

Screenwriter Brian (‘don’t send me any screenplays’) Koppleman remembers the great Sean Connery. Nice story (via DF).

Voyager was launched in 1977 and it’s been speeding away from earth ever since. After all that time it’s only about 17 light-hours away. That’s still quite a distance though; about twelve billion miles. Communication dropped a while ago but with a refurbished dish antenna in Australia, we’re back in touch. Amazing.

Numbers are up 300% in Mass so the governor had to make some changes. More masks and curfews. Not a good thing for restaurants but probably necessary at this point.

This guy just figured out his phone has a map app. File under: ‘thanks, but we knew all this already’.

And New Zealand has a peacock problem. They’re smart (“once they’ve learnt they’re being shot at, you won’t get within two or three hundred metres of them”) and they’re fast (“as soon as one starts to move, they all run, they’re like blimmin’ road runners”). Beep beep.

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