Buyers market

A sleepy, foggy Sunday morning. It’s Sam Adams‘ birthday. He’s 298 years old.

Time to pick the apples.

John Puma, COO of Places For Less, a cloud-based apartment rental broker, wrote a piece for Commonwealth Magazine on eliminating apartment rental broker fees in Boston. Places For Less does charge a fee but it’s structured differently and charged to landlords, not prospective tenants. This is a space ripe for disruption.

Widgetsmith, an app that allows you to extensively customize your iPhone screens and icons, is the #1 app on the App Store. Here’s my new slightly customized home screen. Nice and simple. (And very (maybe too) blue.)

Others have been much more creative than I have. You can even change default icons by attaching them to Shortcuts. The app is a great success. And you know what they say about imitation being a form of flattery? In this case imitations are more thievery than flattery and, as John Gruber notes, Apple needs to do more to prevent this kind of ripoff.

This NYT headline and sub tell you what you need to know about the coming fall and winter: World Nears Grim Milestone of a Million DeathsThe number of lives lost daily has been rising through most of August and September, and new hot spots keep emerging. The U.S., Brazil, India and Mexico account for more than half of the total.

And Octoberfest is upon us. But this year will be different -of course. For one thing, we’ll be making our own pretzels.

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