Think global, buy local

Today is Sunday. Happy Mother’s Day. Fifty years ago today, this happened.

Who’s that guy with Gisele?

Local merchants are losing out as people stay home and use Amazon for shopping. If you want to keep your money in the area, this Reddit thread lists a bunch of local companies selling online. It starts out slow but keep scrolling and you’ll find a wide range of businesses listed. Boston Magazine has the local ice cream angle covered. Ice cream sure sounds good.

Dining in a pod is now a thing, at least in Amsterdam. And Mexico is out of beer.

The live music industry in the US has been decimated and there’s no end in sight. Same thing in Europe. Artists can still barely scrape by with streaming and merchandise but the people who run independent venues and those who do lighting, sound, set up and security for live music events are in big trouble.

And Sports Illustrated explores what the multi-billion dollar sports betting world looks like at a time when there’s no sports.

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