Burning down the house

It’s Thursday. The word of the day is ebullient.

In Brockton, if you make a left hook from Petronelli Way you may soon find yourself on Marvin Hagler Drive.

Paul Evans and Ann Marie Doherty threw the spotlight back to the Globe and City Hall after being scapegoated in the Patrick Rose case. There’s lots of anti-BPD rhetoric going around these days but not much in the way of constructive criticism or credit where it’s due. It’s also disappointing to see a conflation of police management and union leadership along with a lack of knowledgeable coverage of how labor law works in Massachusetts. Hint: it’s not just contracts. This is complicated stuff and the public isn’t well served by being fed a simple, one-dimensional storyline.

India is in trouble.

Land Rover and Jaguar are shutting down production temporarily due to a lack of computer chips. It’s been dubbed ‘chipageddon‘ and it’s expected to go on for some time.

And on Earth Day, the Bitcoin Clean Energy Initiative wants you to know that the key to an abundant, clean energy future is… you guessed it: bitcoin.

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