Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble

Saturday. It’s Halloween and there’s already snow on the ground. Scary.

As the Washington Post points out, life can be hard this time of year for a guy named Forest Frankenstein. (It’s pronounced ‘Fronkensteen’!)

It’s a full moon tonight, something that’s pretty rare for Halloween, otherwise known as candy day – because it’s John Candy’s birthday. Yesterday was National Candy Corn Day but today, of all days, Christopher Muther disses the waxy treats. Unfortunate.

A Boston-based firm conducted a study to find a solution to transportation challenges in Maryland. And what did they come up with? Monorail. That’s right, monorail. A bonafide, electrified, six car monorail.

Restaurants are barely surviving so this news is not good.

And Belgium is going back into lockdown to prevent the health care system from collapsing. According to the Brussels Times, “Receiving visitors at home is no longer allowed, with the exception of one ‘cuddle contact’. People who live alone are allowed to have two cuddle contacts.” Cuddle contacts. Now that’s a new one.

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