Brush fires

Sunday. Stalin became leader of the USSR one hundred years ago, today.

If you thought the Oscars were fun, just wait for the Grammys.

Pakistan is in crisis. The Prime Minister has dissolved Parliament and the Supreme Court may be next. Oh, and then there’s this. Just what we need.

Nabil Ayers singles out a few guitar solos for consideration. It’s not even close to a definitive list. But no matter. The guitar solo is over. These days I’d rather listen to Cory Wong play funk rhythm.

No more knocking on doors. Kyle Chayka writes about how to sell a vacuum cleaner on social media. Design is key. Marketing needs to be next level: “It’s not a vacuum, it’s a meditation on dust.” Aspirational. Whether it picks up dirt is besides the point.

And the Cybertruck is dead. It never seemed real to begin with.

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