Breaking up is hard to do

Monday. Dark and rainy, just how I like it.

The holiday shopping frenzy has already started. Looks like it’s going to be one of those years.

There’s been a lot of discussion and concern generated by Robert Kagan’s opinion piece from a couple of weeks ago on the impending American rift. Certainly, some of the reaction has had a Chicken Little quality to it. Much of it is over the top. But resentment is growing across the ideological divide and fear mongering is rising. Count me as concerned – but not worried. Yet.

When it comes to economics, everything we know is wrong.

The future of the Internet is the Metaverse. But nobody knows what that is. So, like most things from the future, we’ll just have to wait around and see what happens.

And 90 year old William Shatner is scheduled to be a passenger on Jeff Bezo’s next space flight. Audacious.

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