Bostonian bonafides

Happy Saturday. It’s the first day of the Flannel Jam.

It might not make you feel as good as funny dog videos, but watching moths in slow motion is a lot of fun.

The Times profiles Annissa Essaibi George’s Boston accent. Michelle Wu is quoted as saying that the hometown accent is exclusory. Wu’s supporters say Essaibi George is using her Boston accent as a political weapon. Of course she is. It’s a pretty clever move and it looks like Wu is falling for the trap.

Independent dentists are becoming an endangered species.

So what happened to Columbus Day? People are upset. Why would a lame duck, acting mayor pull a move like this? Who knows? Lydia Edwards has a point about the timing and lack of coordination with the East Boston community, but at the end of the day, for most people it’s just a day off work.

And a supply chain nerd tells us everything we always wanted to know about supply chains (but were too bored to ask.) Actually, it’s pretty interesting.

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