Boom to bust

Sunday. It’s a birthday for boomers Randy Newman and Paul Shaffer.

Tomorrow is Cyber Monday. Then Giving Tuesday. By Wednesday we’ll be wiped out.

Today’s Globe considers the end of the Boomer era. How can they miss us if we won’t go away? Even aging isn’t what it used to be. Corinne Purtill looks at a blueprint for pacing life across a century.

A likely ballot question for next year will involve limits on how many outlets of a single company are allowed to sell alcohol in the state. Cumberland Farms and other large chains want to remove the limits altogether. But the ballot question by the Massachusetts Package Stores Association hopes to counter that effort by proposing to open the market up incrementally and with a cap of 18 outlets per chain. Callum Borchers has the details.

On another Boomer note, I watched the full Beatles Get Back series. Almost 8 hours over three days. Amazing. I could have watched another 8 hours. Peter Jackson talks here about getting it all together.

And Marc Hurwitz reports that the city has extended outdoor dining until the end of the year. Brrrrr.

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