Billion here, billion there

Happy Sunday. It’s World Turtle Day.

A NYT article on future population projections: “Imagine entire regions where everyone is 70 or older.” The future sounds like a nightmare. Hopefully I’ll be part of it.

There’s quite a bit of money coming into the state from the American Rescue Plan. How to spend it is the question. There are a few things that it can’t be spent on but otherwise there’s a lot of flexibility. Budget watchers stress transparency and close coordination between the governor and legislature to avoid a pork barrel feeding frenzy. Shira Schoenberg breaks it all down.

Apple is revising its position on whether HomePods will be able to play lossless music. The company says that with a future software update they will – I think. It’s all very complicated and, if you’re not a super audiophile, probably not worth worrying about.

Back in the day 911 centers were funded from a surcharge on landline phone bills. When people started dropping landlines for cellphones the money dried up and new laws had to be passed to shift the surcharges to mobile accounts. Now, as we transition from gas to electric vehicles, we may be facing a similar situation with the gasoline tax used to fund road maintenance.

And it’s not a flying car exactly, but if you have a million and a half burning a hole in your pocket you can pick up one of these sleek little private jets. Zoom zoom.

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