Big tech in the sky

It’s Saturday. Sun is shining. RIP, J. Geils.

Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, doesn’t want rich out-of-towners to take it personally, but please go away. Come back later, when all this is over.

Apple and Google are working together on technology to use our phones for contact tracing. It would be a massive personal surveillance program wrapped in technical tricks to ensure privacy. What could possibly go wrong? Security researcher Moxie Marlinspike looks under the hood.

Some are suggesting that covid-19 was appearing in the US as early as December. Not so, says the science. People were getting sick with something in December but whatever it was, it spread and subsided because of existing immunity in the population. If it was the coronavirus it would not have subsided because there is no existing immunity. It would have spread like wildfire and we would have had the peak in January, not April.

The MCAS is cancelled for this year. Graduation requirements will be waived for this year’s students.

And imagine what it would be like being stuck at home without the Internet. The 50 year-old network is holding up fine under massive demand these days. Thank the original designers, one of whom, Vint Cerf, is recovering from covid-19 himself.

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