Belt and suspenders

Monday morning. On this day in 1994, IBM debuted the first smartphone.

Los Angles is having a bad year, crime-wise. 300 fatal shootings so far. The most since 2009.

And now there’s three. AstraZeneca and the team at Oxford have announced that their vaccine is up to 90% effective. Although slightly less effective than the Pfizer and Moderna versions, it tends to be easier to store and distribute. It’s amazing that this was all accomplished in less than a year. Go science!

It’s eerily quiet at the White House. It’s either a winding down or the calm before the storm.

Online security is often an act of faith in the companies that you entrust your information to. In this case that faith was misplaced. Along the same line, many banks are using computer code more than 20 years old that nobody on staff understands. They’re at the mercy of the high priests of COBOL.

And what’s old is new again. In this case, anti-maskers.

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