Beggars Banquet

Friday. My day. It’s Billy Boston‘s birthday.

These new, suggested constitutional amendments are not crazy. But shouldn’t we try to fix the 2nd amendment before attempting any of these other nice things?

If you’re a billionaire, it seems, you can always get what you want. Robert Kraft is flying in a few hundred of his closest friends for a private birthday party with live music provided by the Rolling Stones.

Ethereum’s London hard fork has been successfully activated. MacKenzie Sigalos breaks down what it means. And she also updates on the upcoming ‘difficulty bomb’ for mining Ether.

Typos happen and that’s why we have editors. Or not, as this sentence from today’s Globe illustrates: “Boisvert was accused of pushing the officer who had approached on foot her at the time.”

And gambling has made a post-covid comeback in Boston. Encore has had its best quarter ever. I think that’s a good thing?

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