Bad optics

Thursday’s such a crazy, lazy day.

Outdoor strip shows, no lap dances and a shortage of performers. That’s the new normal for the Foxy Lady in the time of coronavirus.

In today’s policing news: Baker submits his reform bill. Bill Walczak reimagines Boston Police hiring. A Globe editorial recalls a bill on State Police reform still languishing in the legislature. A West Roxbury pro-police demonstration and counter demonstration turns into political theater. Atlanta experiences de-policing after an officer is charged with murder. And Boston’s police payroll for last year is out. Ouch.

In a Wired article, Nina Jankowicz and Cindy Otis look at how vulnerable we are to disinformation and particularly how Facebook Groups has distorted the social fabric of the US.

Another Covidiot tests positive. He was on his way to the White House. Contact tracers are now checking how many people he may have spread the virus to.

And Schrodinger’s cat gets explained. But not very clearly, at least not in this universe.

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