Working numbers

Monday morning. Back to it.

The next coronavirus threat is cute and has a fluffy tail.

Job numbers from January were much better than expected. Some economists thought we would add, at best, about 150,000 new jobs. Other thought we would lose jobs overall. But in actuality, 467,000 new jobs were created. Matthew Zeitlin runs the numbers for Grid and John Cassidy, writing in the New Yorker, considers the implications. It’s mostly good news but there’s always a downside. Neil Irwin looks at wage growth, which could be a leading indicator for inflation.

When Neil Young left Spotify he had to call in some favors from the record company so he could get out of his contract. Most artists don’t have that option. Will Butler explores how musicians are exploited by streaming services.

A study that looks at levels of citizen cooperation and engagement with police departments after high-profile use of force incidents raises some interesting questions, but also concerns about methodology.

And Facebook is threatening to pull out of Europe. Egads! What will become of Europe?

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