Back to the clubhouse

A strange Wednesday in January. The word for today is pugilism.

Ted Gioia has posted his top 100 albums of the year, with another hundred runner-ups thrown in. Not necessarily the most popular music of the year but the releases he thinks are good. I’ll be going through these into the spring. I always discover something new and great in his lists.

There are logistics and security advance work required for a presidential visit and that’s what looked like was happening in Scotland for inauguration day. But apparently there’s no love lost between Donald Trump and Nicola Sturgeon, who’s cancelled the rumored presidential golf visit, ostensively over the coronavirus lockdown.

Brian Chen writes about the tech that will dominate in 2021. Seems mostly like an extension of the tech that flourished in 2020.

John Roderick has an apology.

And the Massachusetts Legislature has managed to make the deadline for passing all those bills. They did it by moving the deadline.

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