Avoiding roadblocks

Friday. On this date in 1906, Devil’s Tower * became the nation’s first national monument.

Rachael Rollins must have pissed someone off. Her nomination for a US Attorney position is being held up by a Republican senator from Arkansas.

The State Police union’s request for an injunction on enforcement of the governor’s vaccine mandate for executive branch members is not playing well. The courts didn’t think it was a great idea either. That should be a signal to other public sector unions. Over on the legislative side, lawmakers were worked up over their own vaccine mandate. Lots of debate and a party line vote, in favor ultimately. Why we’re still arguing about this is beyond me.

Matthew Yglesias has a post-it note for Democrats: The median voter is a 50-something white person who didn’t go to college. (Eeeuuuwww, gross!)

When Apple switched from its original 30 pin connector for charging iPhones to the current Lightning cable, a lot of people accused them of grabbing for money because now they had to replace all their perfectly fine charging cables. I think that’s a big reason Apple hasn’t switched to USB C. They didn’t want to recreate that angry situation with customers. But the EU may force the issue. Apple may publicly object to the externally forced mandate but they also might be relieved to have someone else to blame for a disruptive switchover this time around.

And LA Raiders kicker Daniel Carlson bet against himself and won. And also lost. But somehow still won.

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