A flattened curve

Happy Tuesday. It’s Name Your Poison Day.

So now we know who reached in and took back all that bitcoin from the hackers that shut down Colonial Pipeline. It was us.

These are very good numbers: Almost twenty thousand new vaccinations and only 89 new confirmed cases. I think we should have a good summer.

Clarence Williams III has died. He played Linc on the Mod Squad in the 1960s. He was also a paratrooper in the 101st Airborne.

Kim Janey has fired Dennis White. Joan Vennochi suspects a connection between Dennis White and Kevin White – in that they both relied on George Regan to mount a scorched-earth media strategy.

And The Big Texan Steak Ranch says that if you can eat one of their enormous 72 ounce steaks in an hour, you get to eat for free. A 120 pound woman ate three of them in 20 minutes. Also sides. Burp.

Card carrying

Today is Monday. It can’t be helped.

Nothing can travel faster than the speed of light. Except, apparently, light. Now I’m really confused.

I’ve always admired the ACLU, even when I disagreed with what it defended. Now, according to some prominent members, the ACLU has broken with its mission. (And they rebut). I can’t say I disagree with those that say the group has gone astray, at least locally. I remember a Boston ACLU that would offer advice and guidance for certain law enforcement initiatives and when the advice was taken, provide qualified support. In other words, a group that would put the work in to make things better. Today I see a group that draws a line in the sand. But then again, groups that work out compromises aren’t as successful at fundraising as groups that take sides on the issues of the day.

HBO offers some great shows but its web interface is horrible. On top of that they’ve now broken the Apple TV app. They really need to hire some competent coders.

Today begins Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference. The company has had a rough ride recently in its relationship with developers. So it will be interesting to see how they handle things.

And El Salvador is considering adopting bitcoin as legal tender alongside the US dollar, which is the official currency. Interesting. Let’s see how this turns out.

Hot sounds

Sunday. Turn the AC on.

We should be breaking 90 degrees in the next few days here in the Boston area. But don’t cool off in the waters off Hull and Nantasket. The Lion’s Mane jellyfish are back.

Dan Sheehan covers the opening of The Record Co, a state of the art co-op music studio in Newmarket Square. What a great idea.

The Great American Think-Off happens next week. The questions are big but the barriers to entry are not.

Employers and employees are recalibrating their relationships. This time (for a change) it’s working out better for the employees.

And if you wake up very early next Thursday, you might get to see the “ring of fire” solar eclipse, happening just as the sun comes up.

Taxachusetts, indeed

Saturday morning. Dee Dee Ramone, Ronald Reagan and Ray Bradbury all died on this day.

Eat here and get gas supercharged. Marc Hurwitz alerts us to an Elon Musk plan to open restaurants that could also serve as charging stations. It probably won’t be fast food.

How is Massachusetts doing financially? As far as revenue goes, pretty good. Colin Young writing in Commonwealth Magazine: “DOR announced Thursday that it collected $4.002 billion in taxes from people and businesses in May — $2.264 billion or 130.3 percent more than was collected in May 2020 and $2.109 billion or 111.4 percent more than the Baker administration had estimated it would collect for the month.”

Live Boston highlights some good police work downtown as the Captain chases down two suspects.

All those ransomware hacks that we’ve been reading about are just the ones we know about. For each one that gets announced there may be dozens that are handled privately. In other words, it’s worse than we think and we should have listened to Leon Panetta.

And how about cooking in a tuxedo? Courtney Lichterman writes about an ‘influencer’ from another era, the Galloping Gourmet.

Paying homage

Friday on my mind.

It was only right to over-tip when restaurants were hurting. But now, as things are getting back to normal, what should the new normal be for tipping? I’d say, if you can afford it, just keep on over-tipping.

Coleman Herman delves into some legislative budget language to find an old-fashioned snub war going on between lawmakers and UMass trustees. My bet is on the guys on Beacon Hill who control the money.

A government report on UFOs is expected sometime this month. Here’s a spoiler from the New York Times: We still don’t have a clue.

F. Lee Bailey has died. He used to be a neighbor. His was the only house on the street with a helicopter garage.

And remember that long Twin Peaks scene of a man sweeping the floor? Over two minutes long. Only David Lynch could get away with that (well, maybe Tarantino). Apparently Lynch does not suffer advice gladly, on how long a scene should be.