As transparent as one way glass

A tremulous Tuesday.

Apple’s newest operating system, iOS 15, is available for download to your iPhone or iPad. Chaim Gartenberg has an overview of its new features. And Federico Viticci has his usual comprehensive deep dive. 23 pages worth!

The Globe recently covered a labor dispute at local hotels from the point of view of the workers. Hotel management had no comment. The Globe did not cover the labor dispute at the Globe from any point of view (Universal Hub did, though.) The Globe CEO had no comment.

So much for remote work. Google is paying $2.1 billion dollars for office space in Manhattan.

The stock market is on edge over a company from China that I’d never heard of, Evergrande. It could be their version of Lehman Brothers. Even crypto is taking a hit. Some experts are predicting a bounce today but possibly more dark clouds ahead as the debt ceiling debacle approaches.

And Sam Adams‘ newest beer, Utopias, is strong stuff. 28% alcohol. So strong it’s actually illegal in some states.

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