And that’s the way it is

A snowy Saturday? We’ll see if the weatherman was right.

The new rules for r/boston are not being embraced. What’s wrong with “generic images of the Zakim Bridge and Acorn Street”?

Hiawatha Bray cites a NewsGuard report about unreliable media sources, a problem that’s not going away. Almost 10% of Americans on both sides of the aisle engage with fake news sites. Strangely, in Britain, famous for its unrestrained tabloid media, only about 1% were gullible to wacky news.

Printer ink is too expensive. And now you have to pay a subscription fee for the privilege of buying overpriced cartridges? Insult to injury. No wonder printers are going away.

Just in time for flu season, a new virus originating in China is beginning to spread with annual travel for the Chinese New Year. More from the CDC.

And while it’s not exactly Gawker Stalker, this column in the West Side Rag is a fun read every once in a while.

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