The whole truth

Thursday. Almost there. Today is National Rescue Dog Day.

Animals laugh. Even killer whales. I did not know that.

The American Press Institute tells us that journalism is distinct and more valuable than most of the information we’re inundated with these days. “That value flows from its purpose, to provide people with verified information they can use to make better decisions, and its practices, the most important of which is a systematic process – a discipline of verification – that journalists use to find not just the facts, but also the “truth about the facts.”” Then there’s this unfortunate Globe story and headline. It’s not journalism by that definition. It’s more rumor mongering and conspiracy theorizing, like something you would get from Infowars or the Daily Caller. What’s happening at the Globe these days?

Photojournalism is hard enough even with a good camera. But try using a Soviet-era manual focus Zenit. This guy did and was still able to produce many publishable photos.

Bitcoin or Ethereum? Neither is doing so well these days, but over the long term, which crypto will be the better store of value? Michael McGuinness has some thoughts.

And remember those computer renders of a proposed park floating in the Hudson River? The park is now open. It’s called Little Island and although the real park doesn’t quite match up to the renders (they never do), it is still pretty impressive. All paid for by Barry Diller.

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