An expensive education

Thursday, February 6. It’s International Frozen Yogurt Day!

The BSO is old and stodgy. No surprise there. Scott Kearnan suggests that an upcoming change in leadership might provide an opportunity to spice things up a little bit. I hope so. A little Philip Glass sometime would be nice.

The School Department‘s ask of $1.26 billion for FY21 is a big chunk of the overall city operating budget, which runs in the order of three and half billion. I know schools are expensive but this seems, proportionally, a little high.

Apple stock took a jump yesterday based on optimism about wearables. And that was before the news that Apple Watch outsold the entire Swiss watch industry by a wide margin. I knew Apple watches were popular but I didn’t know they were that popular.

The NYPD is moving from paper notepads to an iPhone app. This is a big and important shift in how officers document their work. I assume the app and back end have been extensively tested for reliability. Let’s hope so.

And City on a Hill is in town filming season two. Some of those old prop cruisers are before even my time.

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