An embarrassment of riches

Today is Saturday. That’s good.

Spencer Buell has had it with QR codes. They came. They went. And then, dammit, they came back again.

Massachusetts keeps beating revenue projections. New tax revenue is over $2 billion dollars higher than last year, well above budget projections. And that’s before taking in all those billions in federal relief money. As Bruce Mohl reports, the folks in the State House are having difficulty figuring out how to spend all this money. We should end up with the best roads and bridges on the planet. Or even better, the best state and local IT infrastructure.

Charlie Baker is still here and the governor for another year. But that didn’t stop Lizzy Guyton from writing a nice obit.

Ashley Wong investigates the great cream cheese drought affecting New York bagel shops. Turns out that the problem is not the supply chain or a shortage of cream cheese. It’s that suppliers can’t keep up with demand, which is up more than 35%. I blame Biden.

And it’s snowing in Hawaii. Blizzard conditions. Apparently somebody didn’t hit the button.

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