An economic siege

Friday. The word of the day is askew.

The Freedom People’s Convoy is coming. And they’re pissed. (Mostly that they’ve been upstaged by war in Ukraine.)

Dave Lawler reflects on how the war will end for Putin. Sanctions and isolation are taking a toll. And it’s not just yachts being seized, chess masters excluded or cats being kicked out of beauty contests. Russia’s Sberbank has collapsed in the face of sanctions. Shipping lanes are being shut down. Airlines are being deprived of passengers. China is staying out of the picture, holding back assistance to Russia for fear of being caught up in the economic war themselves. Emily Peck looks at potential blow back to economies in the west. Wired has more on this subject. Craig Timberg considers how shutting down access in Russia to popular western technologies will play out in the future. And the Times worries that a trapped Putin might lash out.

Bill Barr writes about how Donald Trump yelled at him and told him he was fired. Hilarity ensues.

A.I. chatbots are becoming pretty advanced. In the near future they’re expected to get even better. Is that a good thing? I’m not sure.

And here’s a roadmap for the Apple event slated for next Tuesday.

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