An act of God

Sunday is here. Sputnik, the first satellite, was launched 63 years ago today.

St. Matthew‘s, in the heart of Dorchester, is closing its doors for good. The parish will be absorbed into St. Angela’s in Mattapan Square.

Virus? What virus? And on it goes. No one is to blame. Judd Gregg is quoted in the Post saying that voters will see the virus simply as “something that was like a horrible hurricane, where you can’t lay the blame and have little control over it.” Sure, I guess, if, as the hurricane approached, you ignored an evacuation order, left all your windows wide open and then stood on the edge of the seawall in howling winds as the waves crashed and sucked you into the sea. It happens.

No Pats today. Cam Newton had a positive pre-game test. More time now for game films before facing the Chiefs.

The latest Bond was delayed until 2021 and it looks like that will spell doom for Regal Cinemas, which are expected to shut down later this week as a result. Some say theaters may never come back.

And Anthony Fauci tells Science Magazine that he doesn’t mind being the skunk at the garden party. We don’t mind either.

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