American carnage

Good Good Friday. Sunny in the morning but rain later. RIP Mort Drucker.

Saturday Night Live is back with new episodes starting tomorrow. What it will look like in the era of social distancing is something of a mystery.

Yesterday, 799 people died from Covid-19 in New York, according to Governor Cuomo. That may be a significant undercount of the actual numbers. In Massachusetts there were 77 deaths Thursday but Governor Baker warns that we’re still on the upslope and the numbers will rise. At the same time the president wants to reopen the country much quicker than experts, and even his own advisers, believe would be safe. And he doesn’t think an ongoing program of testing is necessary (except for his own circle, apparently.) I think most governors will just ignore him.

In fact, that woman from Michigan is imposing the most stringent travel restrictions in the country, so far.

Germany is gearing up to run the world’s first nationwide antibody testing effort. In Massachusetts we are at least a month out.

And watch out for fleeceware in the iPhone app store. Free trials can be very expensive.

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