All uphill from here

Wednesday. Give thanks for that.

November is National Pet Obesity Awareness Month. Have another piece of pie but don’t overfeed the dog.

Bruce Mohl brings us up to speed on the hydro-electric project that would have brought power from Canada to Massachusetts, via Maine, before voters in Maine cancelled it. Now electric companies are suing Maine for the hundreds of millions of dollars lost and injunctions are in the works. Plan B for Massachusetts? Another fossil fuel plant.

I didn’t know there was a quarry in Mattapan. But apparently there is and it’s very historic.

Mike Lindell missed another self-imposed deadline on proving that the election was stolen. “We will have this before the Supreme Court before Thanksgiving,” he said on Steve Bannon’s podcast. “That’s my promise to the people of this country.” Also something about pillows.

And Weird Al serves a classic dis to Kid Rock. Good one.

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