All masked up


Welcome to love in the time of coronavirus.

It looks like the tide is turning on masks. (So much for that ban proposed for Bostonians. What a difference a few months makes.) Unfortunately, not all of us have access to masks. For those of us not so good with a sewing machine or home crafts, it’s time to break out the scarves.

Spencer Buell explains how one essential employee is dealing with life these days.

This is a nice reminder that the small sacrifices we’re all making are appreciated by the people on the front lines who are making much larger sacrifices.

James E. Baker writes about the Defense Production Act and how using it would have avoided all of those state vs. state issues on obtaining ventilators and PPE.

If the governor of Georgia doesn’t resign in embarrassment he should at least fire his advisors for allowing him to be so ignorant of critical information in the middle of a crisis. This information was out there very early on. Where was he getting his information? Astonishing. And then there’s Florida. Another ‘shit sandwich‘.

And meet the newest superhero, Susana Distancia.

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