All hat no cattle

Happy snowy Thursday. It’s the anniversary of the first Simpsons episode.

Economists are predicting light at the end of the tunnel for the Massachusetts economy. That’s nice.

Thomas Hodgson, the sheriff in Bristol County, is in a political spat with Maura Healy. But what’s up with that uniform? Sheriffs in the state handle the jails and most don’t presume to wear uniforms.

We’re learning more about the Solarwinds hack that pretty much rises to an act of war against the US. Remediation is underway. We spend billions on preventing these things but somehow this one got through. Good thing we’re taking information security seriously at the highest levels.

If you love black and white photography (as I do), you’ll appreciate these amazing images, winners of a competition from Independent Photographer.

And a billion dollars a month in philanthropic giving is a lot of money. Good for MacKenzie Scott.

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