Advanced persistent threats

Thursday, smershday. Today’s word is truckle.

It appears that most people are doing the right thing, mask-wise. And for some, it’s a political statement.

Hackers are still hacking. The Snake virus, a ransomware package that attacks networks and industrial systems, has reportedly infected a German hospital system dealing with the coronavirus. Also, the Times looks at Aria-body, a newly discovered software tool used for espionage, alleged to have been developed by the Chinese military.

Now we’re getting into August: Saint Anthony’s Feast is cancelled, as is the Marshfield Fair.

Ben Volin takes a crack at what he thinks the Patriots’ 2020 roster will look like. Will Jarrett Stidham turn out to be more than just a placeholder? Stay tuned.

And Frontier Airlines wanted to charge extra for social distancing space. Of course they did.

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