Addition by subtraction

Saturday, the first of February. Happy birthday to Don Everly, Boris Yeltsin and Lisa Marie Presley.

The European Union is a little bit smaller this morning. While you were sleeping, BREXIT happened. A ‘Brexodus‘ is underway in Brussels. And things in Northern Ireland are… complicated. But otherwise the breakup is going according to plan. (Don’t forget to update your euros.) I think Brexit was a horrible idea. But this type of bureaucratic overreach by the EU reminds me why it got started in the first place.

There will soon be 400 less parking spaces at the already-at-capacity Braintree MBTA station. You can’t argue with the need for maintenance but, from the South Shore commuter’s point of view, it takes using the T off the table. So much for less cars on the road.

Speaking of disruptive construction at a transportation hub, here are the South Station tower project phases laid out in a video. Get ready.

And is the coronavirus a bioweapon? This guy thinks so. UPDATE: looks like this conspiracy theory is circulating in the usual places.

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